Spital departures

Reduced timetable in operation. In line with government advice, you should only be travelling if you are a key worker or it is essential for you to do so. If you must travel, always practice social distancing. More details can be found at nationalrail.co.uk/coronavirus


Platform 2
due 23:38
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Calling at

Bromborough Rake23:35due 23:39
Bromborough23:37due 23:41
Eastham Rake23:40due 23:44
Hooton23:42due 23:46
Capenhurst23:52on time
Bache23:57on time
Chester00:01on time
From ChesterOperated by Merseyrail
on time
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Calling at

Port Sunlight23:39on time
Bebington23:41on time
Rock Ferry23:44on time
Green Lane23:47on time
Birkenhead Central23:49on time
Hamilton Square23:51on time
James Street23:54on time
Moorfields23:56on time
Liverpool Lime Street23:58on time
Liverpool Central23:59on time
From Ellesmere PortOperated by Merseyrail